Our clients tell us what makes Elford different from our competitors is not that we do 1 thing 100% better, but that we do 100 things 1% better. Elford embraces this approach.

Elford emphasizes collaboration, beginning in pre-construction and is sustained throughout the life of a project. We engage all stakeholders in the process early which enables us to identify potential risks and problems and solve them before they happen. Each aspect of the project is examined for efficiency, savings and sustainable methods to maximize stakeholder value and improve the end result for our clients. 

Reporting, Monitoring, and Other Information Management Systems
Elford guarantees communication with all stakeholders will be seamless. We maintain an up-to-date project directory and hold regular coordination meetings to ensure schedule milestones are achieved and all stakeholders are kept informed. 

Scheduling Systems
All successful projects have an effective scheduling process. Elford believes schedules are used to advance the progress of the job versus merely tracking the history of activities.

Cost Control Systems
Our systems are thorough, accurate, and flexible which allows us to have a completely transparent process with our clients, while providing “real time” cost and budget information. 

Quality Control
Quality Control begins with the very first project team meeting. All members of the team are challenged to provide the appropriate budget, schedule, design and program control to allow for the successful implementation of the Owner’s project needs.

Elford uses BIM and 3D modeling to support estimates; develop and animate schedules; plan site-logistics, including crane placement and traffic patterns; visualizing construction sequencing; and for clash detection between various building components.

Selecting our best people for the job, empowering them to do what’s right, and utilizing company-wide quality procedures, driven by a continuous improvement culture, result in collaborative lean construction and very successful projects for our clients.