In 1910, Edward “Pop” Elford, an English immigrant and concrete foreman, was working for a company that he believed did not have the right core values.  Rather than sacrifice his integrity and standard of quality, he promptly quit and started E.Elford General Contractors with his entire savings of $153.75; a decision that has made a profound and long-term impact on the central Ohio construction industry.  Honest service and integrity were the  values upon which Pop built the business and remain Elford’s guiding principles today.

They’re the same values carried on by his son, Harold “Fat” Elford, and daughter-in-law, Mary Elford – after Harold’s death, the first woman to run a construction company in Ohio. And also by Tom “T.C.” Fitzpatrick, who began with Elford as a water boy and rose to become paymaster, general superintendent, and finally CEO and Chairman.

Pop Elford believed a company is judged by the quality of its work and the dedication of its people. The combination of those simple values, he surmised, would make for satisfied clients and keep them coming back. It was true then and it is still true now. Even though we are a much larger company today, we’ve worked hard to keep in touch with our roots, and to make all of those who preceded us proud.

A Century of Building Relationships

Since our humble beginnings in 1910, Elford employees have invested more than 15 million hours in building projects across central Ohio and the Midwest. Every Elford coworker can take pride in these structures, and in the decades-long relationships we have built with scores of companies and organizations. Today, Elford, Inc., is not just the oldest commercial construction company in central Ohio, but the largest with local ownership, and one of the Top Five local builders annually. We owe these achievements to our coworkers and their abilities to meet whatever challenges our times and our building projects presented. Their efforts are what makes this company great.

In 2010, in recognition of our centennial celebration, Elford was honored through official proclamations at the city, county, state and federal levels. You can view them here. We also published a book celebrating our 100th anniversary. View the pdf.